Yes, this is quick and easy to do. Once you have created your original roster in the system, either via FTP, or manual input; you'll find you might need to add a new student for testing as they come into the district.

Only Administrators can Add or Remove students

There are three methods for adding students to the testing roster.

The First Method

Is by utilizing the Add a Walk-In Student function found in the Proctoring App.

The Second Method 

Is from the Administration App. Select Manage Students then Add Student

When adding the student, be sure to select the correct roster for the event they are testing in. If you are unsure, please see How to Verify the Active Event Roster

The Third Method 

Is accessible through the Administration App. Select Manage Rostering then Add a student

You may run into an issue when adding the same student into a different roster, especially if they exist in another. As a result, you may encounter an error message when attempting to add the student. To get around this, add the students information in the new roster, exactly as it appears in the other roster. Even if there is a discrepancy such as an incorrect birth-date, once entered, may be corrected afterwards. 

Verifying the Student Entry

You can verify the student entry several different ways.

Method 1 - From the Administration App. Select Manage Students then Search/Edit Student

Method 2 - Utilizing the Student Lookup function in the Proctoring app

When utilizing this search you can search based on any criteria. In this case the rule "Less is More" applies, entering less information produces more matches. One sample is returning results for all students with last name "Brown". By only entering the last name "Brown" and selecting search, all students within a selected location with the last name "Brown" will populate the list