When you first get started with the Online Barcode Ordering system, you will need to prepare a student data file that meets all the specific barcode file format requirements. 

Before you begin, you must be logged in to the Online Barcode Ordering site: barcode.riversideinsights.com/ 

Step 1 – Download the template for the student data file from the homepage. 
Step 2 – Click Download Barcode file template 
You are redirected, and the Barcode Services tab will open in a new browser window. 
There are several different forms you can use to order the barcodes based on the specific testing you need to do. 
Step 3 – Select the relevant link which will take you to the second tab of the group assessment page which contains the template, the order form, and the guide.  Once located, you need to download the barcode template in .xls format. 
Step 4 – Once the spreadsheet is open, you can begin entering your student data.  
The first row of the sheet contains headers that must not be altered. These are the headers and descriptions for the different fields of data you need to enter. You should start entering your data in the second row. 
If you need any assistance as to what data needs to be entered into each column, you can hover your cursor over the top right-hand corner of the cell for a more comprehensive description.