Use the information in this guide to help you set up for testing and identify or resolve issues. If technical problems occur during testing, first contact your local technical support or technical coordinator. If your local support team cannot resolve the issue, ask your technical coordinator to contact the DataManager Support Center at 877-246-8337. 

Review your firewall or proxy server settings 

You will need to apply these settings to any proxy, firewall, content filter, or other security devices that is set up on your local machines or local network. If your institution is part of a larger network such as a district, county, or any sort of parent institution, then please share this information with the appropriate parties at that location as well (such as a Network Administrator): 

  • Please ensure that HTTPS Inspection is turned OFF. This can be very resource-intensive, as it decrypts and encrypts every packet. This setting is usually turned on by default. 
  • Remove any cap limitations on your HTTP and HTTPS communications. If either or both of those are capped at a certain limit of MBs, then that limitation will affect testing. 
  • The following IP addresses are set as approved/unblocked or given the highest priority. 
  • URLs have been approved and given unrestricted access.

DataManager ComponentURLPORT 


DataManager Online Testing 

NOTE: if you experience problems with the URLs above, try entering them as follows: 

* * 



Online Testing

Check your site readiness 

Run the tools on the Site Readiness page to ensure computers in each lab meet the system requirements. These tools include the System Check, Evaluate Network, Test Delivery Check, and Bandwidth Check utilities. You can access the Site Readiness page at: 

Download the Secure Browser 

The Secure Browser must be placed on each student workstation that will be used for testing. This small, stand-alone executable file can run from the desktop and does not require an install. 

Secure Browsers for both Windows and Mac are available for download from the DataManager Solutions page under the Online Testing heading. 

  • For iPads, the DATAMANAGER student testing app for Iowa Assessments, CogAT, and Logramos can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. 
  • For Chromebooks, the DATAMANAGER student testing app can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Automatic Updates Turn off automatic updates during the testing window.