Sometimes during the course of testing your screen may freeze. This is usually attributed to a lack of available computer resources, easily recoverable in most cases.

First, make sure there are no other applications or browsers open that can interfere with testing. The programs running in the background can take up CPU and Memory resources, leaving you with a less than the optimal testing environment.

Next, make sure you have a solid internet connection. Wired connections over ethernet are preferred, however, wireless internet connections have grown in popularity due to the added mobility. Not every school is set up with the same equipment, and these differences can determine whether one can have 100 users or 500 users testing in a stable environment. 

Administrators/IT Dept

How to Recover Testing After Screen Freezes


  • Close and re-open the browser. Log back into DataManager and seek out the session you were proctoring. In most cases, you will be able to resume testing. If Datamanager indicates you already have the session open, simply log out by selecting "LOGOUT" and log back in before selecting the session. DO NOT close the browser using the X. This will not log you out of DataManager and you may continue having issues.
  • Log back into DataManager and proceed to the Proctor app to continue monitoring the test. Select your session from the list and verify the status of the students. 
  • Be sure that the session you are selecting is the most recent session you were working on. This means that if you utilize continue testing all to progress through testing you must select the latest session of the series, successive sessions in the series are labeled with "LINK 2, LINK 3, etc". Likewise, if you are working with pre-made sessions, make sure you know which session you left off of and resume from there.
  • If the students need extra time, add it right away.

If the issue is isolated to the proctors machine, the students will continue to test uninterrupted depending on the test type and level. For example, Self-Paced tests can continue uninterrupted while Proctor Led tests will remain on the last question the proctor was on.