Role: Account Holder, Administrator


  • You have students who did not get to test or needs to complete testing in a recently closed event.


  • Re-Open the recently closed test event.
  • Students in progress can pick up testing where they left off
  • New students can be given the assessments.
Only the Account Holder or Administrator of the event should Re-open the event. If you are neither of these, seek out the proper administrators to assist.

  1. Log into DataManager as an Account Holder or Administrator.
  2. From the Assessments menu, select Test Events.
  3. Change the Status Filter from Open to Closed.
  4. Find the event you wish to re-open and select Manage.
  5. In the option card to the right, select Reopen this test event. 
  6. The event is now open and will automatically close again in 30 days.

You can close an event before the 30 days by following the walkthrough in this link.

Additional Info

  • It is not recommended that an event be repeatedly reopened for the purpose of testing through out the entire year, results will not be accurate. Testing periods are broken up into three Normative Periods and it is recommended that a new event be created for each norm.