The scoring procedures for Sentence Reading Fluency requires the individual to mark yes or no for each item, resulting in a 50% chance the individual will get each item correct, even if they do not read the item itself. 

The scoring procedures for Sentence Reading Fluency control for guessing by evaluating the number of correct and incorrect responses within the range of items the examinee attempts within the time allotted. Specifically, the examiner is to subtract the number incorrect from the number correct (Sentence Reading Fluency Raw Score= Number Correct - Number Incorrect). Note that for this test, the examiner should not include skipped items or items that fall beyond the last item the examinee attempted during the time limit as being incorrect.

Furthermore, an examinee cannot obtain a negative score. If your examinee has more items incorrect than correct, this would be treated as a raw score of 0. 

If you were required to discontinue the test, score the test as 0, and enter the "time" as 3:00 minutes in the online scoring platform.

It is important to remember to observe your examinee as they are completing Sentence Reading Fluency. Examiners should remind the examinee whenever necessary to read each item and work in sequence, if they seem to be working in a random order, or if they seem to be choosing responses without reading the given item. 

Examiners who administer the Sentence Reading Fluency Test to examinees who were observed to randomly circle responses should consider the utility of the score and have the option of describing the behaviors qualitatively in their evaluative write ups.