The scoring procedures for Sentence Reading Fluency requires the individual to mark yes or no for each item, resulting in a 50% chance the individual will get each item correct, even if they do not read the item itself. To account for the impact of guessing on the test's score, the examiner is required to use the following equation: 


Sentence Reading Fluency Raw Score= 

Number of Correct Items (out of the number attempted) - Number of Incorrect Items (out of the number attempted).

Because scoring is based on the number of items attempted, the examiner should not mark skipped items or items that fall beyond the last item the examinee attempted as being incorrect.

For example

You tested an examinee who completed Item 1 to Item 50 and you stopped testing at 3 minutes (total of 50 items attempted in 3 minutes). 

When scoring the response booklet, you see that the examinee answered 40 questions correctly, and 10 questions incorrectly, out of the total 50 items attempted. 

Number of Correct Items (out of the number attempted)= 40 

Number of Incorrect Items (out of the number attempted)= 10

Platform data entry

You would enter "40" into the online scoring platform in the box for the number correct (which is the leftmost box in the platform), and 10 in the box for the number incorrect (which is adjacent to the right; see below for example of data entry).

The system will then treat this as a total raw score of 30 for scoring purposes (40-10= 30).  

Remember, you do not count the items after Item 50 as incorrect, as the examinee did not attempt them. You also do not count any skipped items as incorrect.