WJ-IV ACH Test Reference Sheet- Oral Reading

Domain: Reading

Cluster: Reading Fluency

Skills Assessed: Story Reading Accuracy and Prosody (a reading-writing ability, Grw)

Examinee Demands:

The examinee is required to read aloud sentences that gradually increase in difficulty. Their performance is scored based on the accuracy and fluency of expression.

Administration Guidelines: 

Suggested Start PointSelect starting point based on the examinee’s estimated achievement level.

For most WJ IV Tests, the first page after the tab in your item book would provide special instructions on where to begin your administration.

Suggested Start Points are determined based on an estimate of an examinee’s present achievement level rather than by actual grade or age placement. 

For Oral Reading, there are two Suggested Start Points:

Grade 1-3: Item 1 (8A)

Grade 4-Adult: Item 11 (8C)


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Continuation Instructions- Follow test continuation instructions to determine additional items to administer, or whether testing should be discontinued.


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If the score for a section is 5 or fewer points, the score for that section is noted and the testing goes back to the previous section (Until a section that was already given is reached or the beginning of the test is reached.) 


If the score is 6 or more points, the score for that section is noted and the testing goes forward to the next section (Until a section that was already given is reached or the end of the test is reached.) 


Types of Errors-


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*Self-corrections are not counted as errors.


How to Tally Incorrect Responses


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Item Scoring-

  • Score of 2= No errors
  • Score of 1= One error
  • Score of 0= Two errors or more


Scoring via Riverside Score:

Riverside Score provides the examiner with an error if the data inputted for Oral Reading is incorrect:


Graphical user interface, text

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This error occurs if there is no raw score in 8A or 8C. There must always be a raw score in 8A or 8C, which are the only two starting points for standardized administration. Furthermore, sections 8A through 8F should either have a raw score inputted or the letter X if the item set was not administered. Oral Reading sections should be left blank if the test was not administered.



Examiners can enter the total score for each set of items for all item sets administered.

Examiners must enter an “X” for any item sets that were not administered.

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Once a score for an item set is entered, the examiner can then specify which errors were committed:

The Errors field corresponds with the test protocol. From left to right:

Mispronunciation, Omission, Insertion, Substitution, Hesitation, Repetition, Transposition, and Ignores Punctuation