The WIIIP® Dyslexia report includes the following sections: 

Demographic Information – Content will reflect the specifics of your test administration. 

Tests and Checklists Administered – Identifies the WJ IV™ test batteries and checklists that were administered. 

Purpose of Report – Describes the purpose of the report, which is to organize and present assessment results in a manner useful for determining whether the examinee demonstrates characteristics of dyslexia. 

Dyslexia Definitions – This section includes the International Dyslexia Association (IDA, 2002) dyslexia definition and a functional definition of dyslexia. 

WIIIP® Checklists – This section contains any WIIIP® checklists that are selected for inclusion in the report. 

Dyslexia Score Profile – This section includes scoring tables and narrative describing results of comparisons between the examinee’s ability, reading and spelling skills, and cognitive and linguistic measures. 

Interpretation – Includes scoring tables and narrative organized by primary areas of reading and spelling, secondary reading and writing skills, ability measures, and cognitive and linguistic abilities. 

Summary – Report summary of the tests and checklists administered. 

Instructional Recommendations and Interventions – Provides a list of suggested formative or evidenced-based interventions based on examinee’s WJ IV™ test performance. 

(Optional) Appendix A: Detailed Interpretation of Clusters and Tests – Provides a detailed description of the examinee’s performance on tests and clusters based on the individual’s relative standing in relation to same-age or grade peers or his or her measured proficiency on the WJ IV™.

More details regarding the WIIIP Dyslexia Report can be reviewed in the WIIIP® Dyslexia Report Guide: 

WIIIP Dyslexia Report Guide (