The Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program™ or WIIIP® is an add-on subscription offering a research-based supplement that can serve as a starting point for analysis, discussion, and implementation of teaching strategy, generating personalized interventions and accommodations based on an individual’s Woodcock-Johnson® IV and ECAD® results. We currently do not offer a sample or trial of the WIIIP. The WIIIP is ONLY compatible with the WJ IV COG, ACH, OL, and ECAD. It is NOT compatible with the Bateria IV or WMLS III. 

It includes:

1) Checklists 
  •     Reason for Referral Checklist 
  •     Parent’s Checklist: School Age 
  •     Teacher’s Checklist: School Age 
  •     Parent’s Checklist: Preschool Age (For use with the ECAD only)
  •     Teacher’s Checklist: Preschool Age (For use with the ECAD only) 
  •     Classroom Behavior Observation Form 
  •     Self-Report Checklist: Adolescent/Adult 
  •     Writing Evaluation Scale

2) Comprehensive and Dyslexia Reports

3) Personalized interventions and accommodations based on an individual's test results. (These have to be manually selected and entered from a list the WIIIP suggests based on examinee performance.). 

Type of WIIIP® Subscriptions & Tier Levels

The WIIIP offers various tier levels based on how many users will need to access the program. All are 1-year based subscriptions. Note that the only difference between the tiers is the number of users who will have access to the add-on's the WIIIP® subscription affords users. 

The WIIIP subscription is automatically applied to the organization's AH. The amount of WIIIP examiners and/or administrators that can have access to the WIIIP would be dictated by the subscription level they have purchased.

Those subscribing to the WIIIP®  for the first time will require an initial license subscription.

Those renewing a WIIIP® subscription will need require a subscription renewal for their given tier.

For example, if you had an initial license for Tier 1 (2-5 Users) and are seeking to renew your license for another year, you would need to select the subscription renewal for Tier 1 (2-5 Users). 

More Information 

Please review this comprehensive powerpoint for the WIIIP-

Please review this Assessment Service Bulletin for comprehensive details about the WIIIP®.

Review our Woodcock-Johnson® IV product page under the Interpretation and Intervention Tab:

Pricing can also be found on our website: