Why Can't I Run a Comprehensive Report With My Checklists?

Comprehensive and Dyslexia reports require the examiner to add at least one WJ IV Test Record along with the checklist of interest in order for the report to generate. The WIIIP will not generate a report without both components

What Checklists Can I Use with the WJ IV COG, ACH, and OL?

The WJ IV Suite of Assessments can be used with the following checklists: 

Reason for Referral Checklist 
Parent’s Checklist: School Age 
Teacher’s Checklist: School Age 
Classroom Behavior Observation Form
Self-Report Checklist: Adolescent/Adult 
Writing Evaluation Scale

What Checklists Can I Use with the WJ IV ECAD?

Parent’s Checklist: Preschool Age
Teacher’s Checklist: Preschool Age