Batería IV Test Overview: Introduction to the New Batería IV: Composition and Test Overview

Batería IV Woodcock-Muñoz (Batería IV™) is the parallel Spanish version of Woodcock-Johnson® IV (WJ IV™). It provides an efficient and psychometrically sound assessment of cognitive abilities and academic skills with updated norms and content that reflects current Spanish linguistic conventions and culture.

Batería IV reports a variety of scores that utilize the same Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) framework as WJ IV, offering the same ease of use and flexibility that examiners need to accurately evaluate learning problems for Spanish speaking children and adults. As a parallel assessment to WJ IV, it even allows for a direct comparison of a student’s skills in Spanish and English when used in conjunction with WJ IV. 

Individuals can also choose to administer select Batería III COG tests in conjunction with the Batería IV using this supplemental test book: Batería IV Cognitive Battery Supplemental Test Book - Riverside Insights

For more information regarding the Batería IV COG and Batería IV ACH, in addition to kit options, please review the attached brochures.