This occurs when there are more than 5 session tabs open at once. This could be the result of selecting Continue Testing All, or Testing Multiple Grades at once. If you are testing multiple grades/classes, you may want to consider scaling back the number of active testing sessions or splitting the sessions with another proctor.

Follow these steps to recover and resume your missing test session.

  1. Close all of your test tabs by clicking the red box with the white X
  2. Log out of and Exit DataManager.
  3. Log back into DataManager.
  4. Go back to the Proctor Session page and locate the last session of your series and Begin the session.

Be mindful of how you name your sessions. When utilizing "Continue Testing All" the series are named after the original session with the added verbiage "Link 2" "Link 3" added to it. For example Jones4thGradeTesting will become "Jones4thgradetesting link2, Jones4thgradetesting link3, etc".