The WMLS III Digital Test Record (DTR) is your key to easy administration, real-time scoring, and immediate reporting. Available as an alternative purchase to paper test records, the DTR allows for:

  • Immediate input of item-level data during administration with automatic score generation
  • Guided administration with basal and ceiling rules
  • Real-time, in-the-moment scores
  • Guided administration ensures the correct establishment of basal and ceiling rules, increases the fidelity of the assessment, and ensures accurate administration across all examiners.

Every WMLS III test is available via the digital record. The examiner can indicate the item score, the examinee's response, in addition to qualitative notes (that can be used to document more details regarding the examinee's response). 


Note that the digital aspect only applies to the examiner’s test record. It does not apply to the response booklet that the examinee would use for written tasks. You would still have the examinee use the physical response books.

The DTR becomes available in the WJ IV Online Scoring and Reporting system following purchase. The DTRs are only sold in sets of 25. To use the feature, simply choose to add a Digital Test Record while adding examinees.

See more information below regarding the WMLS III DTR.

The Test Session Overview Page

This page houses all your identifying information, as well as your Language Background and Test Session Observations. Throughout administration, you can return to this page to see test progress and scores. Also, because not all testing needs to be completed during a single session, you can check this page to determine what testing has already been completed or how the examinee previously performed.

You can navigate through the Digital Test Record by test.

All information entered is saved immediately, so the loss of internet connection during administration is never an issue with your test data. For each test, the scoring instructions are available, so you don’t have to toggle between the test book and the DTR. You choose your Suggested Starting Point, and the DTR guides you to the first item. Once you start administration, the DTR guides you through establishing a basal and ceiling. If a basal is not established, you will be guided back to where you should start testing. When a basal is obtained, the DTR will alert you.

Recording responses is easy.

Simply click 1 or 0, or scroll to see additional response scores. For Test 2, Oral Comprehension, the audio files for the test are built right into each item. When ready to administer, simply click the speaker icon, and the audio for that item will play. You will be notified immediately once the ceiling is reached, allowing you to move expeditiously on to the next test, test the limits, or move to an entirely different subtest. If you skip an item, either by mistake or because you were not sure how to score it, the DTR will alert you to confirm that you meant to do so. Once the administration is complete, submit your test record as usual. Test scores will be available immediately on the scoring platform.