1. Buy the number of kits you need.
    1. Initial Kit purchase comes with both paper and digital record forms so you can score the way you want.
  2. Buy access keys for each Riverside Score user.
    1. Each user logging into the Riverside Score will need their own BDI-3 access key.
    2. Each access key is only $180/year per user. (That's just $15/month per user!)
  3. Choose your scoring method.
    1. Digital
      1. Those who want to use the MDS and score electronically can log in to their Riverside Score™ account and download the free MDS application.
      2. The MDS offers offline, automatic, digital scoring on the fly, and linking back up to the Riverside Score™ gives you access to robust scoring and reporting options.
    2. Digital/Paper combo
      1. Those who want to score using the paper record forms enter scores into Riverside Score™ for more robust scoring and reporting can test with paper and then score electronically.
    3. Paper (Hand-Scoring)
      1. Those who want to hand score can test using the paper record forms and then log in to Riverside Score™ to access the Norms and Conversion Manual in the Resources Sections.
      2. PAPER ERFs ONLY
  4. Renewal after 1 year.
    1. When it comes time to renew for the next year, you only pay to renew the access keys for the users accessing the Riverside Score™ platform.
    2. Renewal of access keys is still the same at $180/Year per user.