Score Selection Templates are a great way to save time when creating reports. They allow you to select the scores you want to include in your report and save them as a template for future use. However, some users may wonder if they can edit Score Selection Templates created by others. The answer is no, but you can create your own template easily.

To create your own Score Selection Template, follow these steps:

1. In Reports app, select your criteria for creating a report until you reach the Score Selection Template option.

2. Choose "New Score Selection Template" from the dropdown.

3. Click "Add Template."

4. Name your template.

5. Select the scores you want to populate the report. Note that some selections will disable others. For example, selecting T Score with W Difference can disable other score options.

6. Save your template. You can access the template you created by selecting it from the Score Selection Template dropdown each time you create a report.

Creating your own Score Selection Template allows you to customize your report to your specific needs. You can choose the scores you want to include and save them for future use. While you cannot edit templates created by others, creating your own template is a quick and easy process that will save you time in the long run.