Why Do I see a “-” in my Score Reports for a Cluster/Composite? 

When an examinee receives a “0” raw score for all the tests that are used to derive a cluster, the cluster will only provide a W score and an AE or GE (see the Mathematics Cluster in the table above as an example). Other scores will not be reported. 

However, all derived scores for a cluster are reported, if at least one test that makes up the cluster has a raw score higher than zero. 

Examiners should consider the usability of a raw score of "0" for a given test. The examiner's manual notes that when an examinee receives a score of "0" on any test, the examiner needs to judge whether that score is a true assessment of the examinee's ability or whether it reflects the individual's inability to perform the task. More information can be found on page 78 of your Examiner's Manual.