To obtain the Brief Intellectual Ability Composite Score, examiners must administer Tests 1-3 in the WJ IV™ Cognitive Battery.

After inputting the data for these three tests into Riverside Score®, examiners must commit the Test Record for the data to be available for reporting. 

They should then visit the "Create Report" page to generate their report. 

To generate the BIA score, the examiner must click within the "options" field on the Create report page, which expands the following dropdown.

By default, the BIA Scores Checkbox will not be checked off. The examiner must to click that checkbox in order for the BIA to be derived in addition to the GIA

Be sure to select the "Include BIA even if GIA is also included" option after clicking the BIA Checkbox if you would like to see both the GIA and BIA in your score report.