A Secondary Account Holder can be added to Riverside Score. Adding a Secondary Account Holder ensures that your organization has a replacement for the Account Holder if the Account Holder should transition out of your organization. 

Organizations can select one Secondary Account Holder. 

The Account Holder can add a Secondary Account Holder in Riverside Score by taking these steps. *The steps to add a Secondary Account Holder are the same across all tests accessible through Riverside Score.  

1) The Account Holder must click on their username in the top-righthand corner of Riverside Score: 

2) This opens your "Profile and Settings". Click on the "Settings" tab.

3) Clicking on the "Settings" tab opens the Secondary Account Holder data entry page. Click on "Add Secondary Account Holder" and enter the necessary information:

Note that by adding a Secondary Account Holder, you are giving that person the right to Add/Edit/Review all of the following in your organization: Administrators/Examiners, Examinees/Caseload Folders, And Test Records/Reporting Data.