Use this feature to add a new child record for testing.

Note: Rostering takes place concurrently with adding a new child in the Assign Child section below the Child Information section.

To add a child record:

1.    From the Child Administration menu, click  Add Child. The Add/Edit Child page opens. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

2.    In the Child Information section of the page, enter the child's information in the required fields.

3.    For the Assign Child section:

a.    Click the drop-down hierarchy list (Team in the example above).

b.    Expand the hierarchy list, as needed, to expose the location to which you want to assign the child.

c.    Select a location at the lowest level of the hierarchy. The Assign button for the School Summary box becomes active.

d.    Select the Assign button. The location name appears in the School Summary box. Classes available for this location appear in the Class box under the Available heading.

e.    Select one or more classes from the Available box and click the Assign button to move them to the Assigned box. A summary appears in the Class Summary box for each group you select.

4.    (Optional) Complete the Family Information fields.

Note: If user-defined fields have been added, you can enter additional information about the child and/or family. Note that information entered in the user-defined fields is not included in the reports. To include such information in the reports, add notes to the record.

5.    Click one of the following buttons:

      Save to save the new child record and return to the Home page of Data Manager.

      Save & Add Another Child to save the new child record and open another blank Add/Edit Child page.

      Cancel to leave the page without adding the new record. The Search Child page opens.

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