During testing the student status is shown on the bottom of the proctor session page under approved students.

Unstable internet connections can cause the Status to not match a students progress. It might show that the student is still on a question when in fact they have completed the test. This can prevent the proctor and the student(s) from progressing to the next test in the series.  This mostly occurs when proctoring sessions from a wireless device or when the internet connection is interrupted.


Refreshing your browser is the quickest way to re-establish an internet connection. 

Do one of the following

  • Press the F5 function key of your keyboard. You should only need to do this once.


  • Select the Refresh icon for your respective browser. This can be identified by the circular arrow icon alongside the browser's address bar. You should only need to do this once.

  • Connect your wireless device to a wired ethernet connection.


  • Exit or Cancel students out of the session
  • Create a new session to utilize.