The visual nature of the majority of CogAT® items makes them impossible to convert into Braille. There are a few options available to administer CogAT® to sight-impaired students:

•For  Level  9  (Grade  3)  and  above,  a  “read  aloud” accommodation  could  be  used  to  administer  the  Verbal battery only.

•For students with limited vision, we offer large print booklets which have 150% enlargement. For online testing, these can
still be used; the student would use the large print booklets, mark their answers down on paper, then have a teacher or
aide enter the student's answers into DataManager later.

•If the student’s visual impairment is such that the large print booklet won’t suffice, we recommend working with a clinician
or school psychologist to test the student with the appropriate cognitive sections of an individually administered assessment like the Woodcock-Johnson.