The DataManager features the ability to print out testing tickets at the school level, making it easier for students and proctors to prepare for testing. The testing tickets contain the student name, Month, and Day of birth as well as their DataManager ID number.

Instructions for printing testing tickets

A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Log in to DataManager

Step 2: Go to the Assessment Application

  • Select Assessments from the menu and then select Test Event

Step 3: Choose the Correct Event and Grade

  • From the Test Event application find the event you are testing in and select Assign

  • Select Manage for the grade you wish to print tickets for.

  • Select  Create/Edit Assignment

  • Verify or select the correct Location and Mode of testing

NOTE: Tickets are not available at the District Level. A school location must be selected. 

  • Find the grade and select Test Tickets from the Actions column.

Step 4: Printing the Testing Tickets

  • After the previous step, you will see a pop-up that will allow you to select the number of students per sheet. Select an option and then select Print

  • Depending on your system set up, the file will either open automatically on another browser tab, 


  • It will download to your 'Downloads' folder of your computer, and you will get a notification on the lower left of your browser

  • Once you have opened the file, you will be able to print to any printer you have access to.
The file is in PDF format and will require the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader application or plug-in to view and print.