Screening Form Level 5/6-8: 

See the article Creating a Test Assignment for information about Setting the Assignment for a grade. In this sample we will use Grade 2 Level 8 to explain the difference in the availability of Additional Language Audio in Verbal and Alt-Verbal assignments for Screening and Post-Screener Events. In addition to English, and Spanish the Additional Language Audio that can be made available are;

  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Vietnamese


If the student assignment is "VERBAL", the proctor can only create Proctor-Led, Audio English, or Audio Spanish sessions for the Verbal subtest. 

Screening Form

Post Screener Form


If the Student Assignment is "Alt-Verbal", the proctor can create Proctor-Led, Audio English, Audio Spanish, and Additional Languages will be available provided that an administrator has enabled Additional Language Audio from the Administration tools. 

Screening Form

Post Screening Form

NOTE: In this sample of the POST SCREENER we DO NOT see Proctor-LED as an option. To alleviate this issue, we recommend the first assignment be made as a FULL VERBAL assignment. Then we recommend you utilize the OVERRIDE feature to assign the ALT-VERBAL to the students that need it. This way, Proctor-Led remains an option for the Full Verbal testers.