Students taking the CogAT upper-level tests can receive audio and written instructions in 6 languages in addition to English and Spanish:







*Important: Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese are two distinct dialects with different spoken (audio) translations. Mandarin is the official spoken and written language of China; Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong. Your selection should reflect the audio language of your student population.

Students testing in an additional language can toggle between that language and English, as shown below:


Enabling Testing in Additional Audio Languages

The Audio Language feature is available by default when your district initially sets up its account with Riverside Insights. You must enable specific languages in your Administration settings in order for translations to be available for users creating test sessions.

To enable one or more additional audio languages:

1.    Sign in to DataManager as an Administrator or Account Holder.

2.    Select the Administration link in the top navigation bar or from the Site Map at the bottom of any page.

3.    Click Settings and Preferences, then select Audio Language.

The Audio Language page opens. Audio-English is set to On and cannot be changed. Audio-Spanish defaults to On.

The remaining languages default to Off.

4.    Click On to enable a language or Off to disable it for use by students taking upper-level CogAT tests (Levels 9 - 17/18).

Important: The audio setting also determines the availability of the written directions that appear for test questions. In order to display written directions in a non-English language, you must select On for the Audio Language you want students to test with. If you prefer to test students using only the written non-English directions, turn off headphones or other audio devices before beginning the test.

5.    Click the Save button to enter and save your selections. Any languages set to On will be available for selection when you create a test event.

To enable the additional language audio for lower grade level (K-2) the administrator creating the event must first assign the grade level to ALT-VERBAL.