Will my student be ineligible to take the CogAT Post-Screener tests and receive a full score if they are unable to test within 30 days of taking the CogAT Pre-Screener test?  


While still recommended that the student test within 30 days, the only requirement is that both the Pre-Screening Event and the Post Screener Events are dated within 30 days of each other. The student can still test and receive a score as long as they tested anytime while the events were open, even if it was more than 30 days apart.

Above is the Pre-Screening Event. Note the Close Date is exactly and will always be 30 days from the Test Event Date.

This Post-Screener Event was set up correctly. Note the Test Event Date is exactly 30 days from the Pre-Screening Event. This means students who test in this Post-Screener event WILL BE eligible for full scores.

This Post-Screener Event was set up Incorrectly. The Test Event Date is 31 days from the Pre-Screening Event Date. This means any student who tests in this Post-Screener event  WILL NOT be eligible for full scores.