In order to manage your assessment programs in DataManager, you must set up rosters that connect students, teachers, classes, grades, and buildings. This ensures that students can be assigned to take tests and that results are reported correctly. 

Important: You must log on as the Account Holder or a System Administrator to set up rosters using the file upload method.

To set up locations, staff/users, and students, you must create and submit data files to Riverside to be imported into DataManager. A data file is an ASCII text file in comma-separated values (.csv) format. Data from a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet can be saved in .csv format using the "Save as" function in Excel. The following three data files must be properly prepared and submitted to Riverside in order for you to use DataManager:

     Location - Contains the places associated with staff/users and students who are involved in testing (see Set Up Locations)

     Staff/User - Contains identification, location, and roles and permissions information for all teachers and staff members who will use DataManager (see Set Up Staff/Users)

     Student - Contains demographic and location information for students who will be assigned to take tests with DataManager (see Set Up Students)

Please visit our Data File Help Center for short videos on how to fill out each file and upload to the sFTP. 

Note:  In some cases, only the location or location and student data files are needed (for example, if you are the only person in your school who requires access to DataManager or if you are using DataManager to access web reports only).