WJ IV™ is not designed to be delivered remotely; however, we realize under the present circumstances, examiners may need alternative options to fulfill the requirements of their jobs.

All remote administrations of any test within the WJ suite of assessments will still require examiners to have their test books available, as they would for an in-person administration.  

Under no circumstances should an examiner attempt to administer any tests without the physical copy of their test book.  Without the physical copy, examiners will not have the administration and scoring instructions needed to administer the tests. Nor would examiner have the verbal prompts needed for verbally-mediated tests.

Riverside will not be posting entire test books online, as it significantly violates test security. Please reference our Terms of Use.
If an examiner does not have the physical copy of the test book available, he or she should not engage in remote administration. The content posted on the platform for the WJ suite of assessments is solely examinee-facing test pages, in which stimuli are presented to the examinee. We’ve posted this content in order to allow examiners the ability to present stimuli that are in the test book to the examinee virtually, as they typically would during an in-person administration.  In-person administration procedures should be followed as closely as possible during any remote administration, which requires the examiner to have their physical test book to guide them through the test.