How to deactivate an examiner and free their email in Riverside Score™?


Examiners cannot be deleted in Riverside Score™. Instead, users are deactivated by setting their status to "inactive". Once deactivated, a user cannot sign back into Riverside Score until they are reactivated again.
  • Begin by going to the Administration Page and selecting Search/Edit Examiners

  • Search for the Examiner using any of the fields, however less is more when searching for a user. 

Selecting the Inactive Examiners checkbox before searching allows you to display deactivated users if any.

  • Select the Edit icon to the right of their name after you search examiners. 

  • Change their status to inactive, and type ZZ immediately in front of their email address as shown in the sample below. Once completed, select Save and the user will be deactivated.