Benefits of Riverside Score with BDI-3 Subscription 


All BDI-3 subscribers have access to Riverside ScoreTM, our online scoring and reporting platform. For examiners using the Riverside Score online scoring and reporting program, the interpretive process will be enhanced and simplified with the wide variety of reports available for the BDI-3. As with all tests, computer-assisted reports are intended to be a tool for the examiner and are not designed to replace her or his professional judgment 


Robust Online Reporting- With Riverside ScoreTM, examiners have access to a multitude of scores to select from when generating reports allowing for a more in-depth review of a child’s functioning.  


Online Electronic Record Form- BDI-3 subscribers have access to electronic versions of the paper record forms they are entitled to. These electronic record forms eliminate the need for paper forms, and link directly to Riverside Score. They provide preliminary data estimates prior to reports being generated. 


Facilitates Program Evaluation- With the BDI-3, the progress of large numbers of children can easily be charted, analyzed, and reported. With a subscription, computer reporting resources are provided that enable the program administrator to monitor the extent to which an individual child, all children in a program, or subgroups of children are progressing. Riverside ScoreTMwas developed to generate appropriate reports for all levels of accountability, which include an explanation of the findings appropriate for the needs of the various audiences. 


Access to the Mobile Data SolutionThe BDI-3 Mobile Data Solution (MDS) app eliminates the need for paper Record Forms and provides an alternative to the paper-and-pencil materials. It is only available to those with a BDI-3 subscription. With MDS, all Item Test Book content is displayed to the examiner on a computerized device. The artwork is presented to the child in a separate stimulus book. The BDI-3 MDS determines the starting item based on the examinee’s chronological age. It also automatically calculates basal and ceiling rules, thereby eliminating errors in establishing basal and ceiling levels. The MDS links directly to Riverside Score. 


Access to Online ResourcesOnly with a BDI-3 subscription do users gain access to the wealth of resources listed in Riverside ScoreTM. These resources include E-Learning Courses, links to the Mobile Data Solution, Tutorial Videos, Quick Reference Guides, Digital Copies of the Examiner’s Manuals, Developmental Quotient Score Charts, Test Session Behavioral Observations Checklist, Assessment Service Bulletins, and CDC recommended activities based on age.  


*Note that online scoring and administration options offered by Riverside ScoreTM and the Mobile Data Solution (MDS) help to limit errors at all stages of the assessment process, from administration, to scoring, to deriving scores of interest from your raw scores.