Riverside Score calculates an examinee's tenth-of-school-year grade placement (based on a standard school year). If the examinee is enrolled in a year-round school or a school with starting or ending dates that fall more than 2 weeks before or after the default range (i.e., August 16th through June 15th), examiners are instructed to use the option for entering exact starting and ending of the school year. This option can be seen at the top of a test record under use adjusted school year

Due to the wide variation in starting and ending dates for schools and districts, use this option regularly to increase the precision of the grade norms accessed by the scoring program. 
After entering the starting and ending dates into the scoring program, it automatically calculates the exact grade placement, in tenths of a school year

Note again, that it is important for examiners to remember that Riverside Score, by default, counts August 16th as the standard starting date for a school year when running grade norms, not September.