Role: Account Holder

Step 1 – Go to and log in. 

Step 2 – Select Administration 

Step 3 – On the left-hand menu, under Products, select License Information.

There are three primary columns of data.  
  • Saved – This indicates that the user started a record but did not commit the record. 
  • Available – This indicates how many records are left to commit.  
  • Committed – This indicated how many records have been committed since the start of the account. If you click on the blue number in the Committed column, this will bring up an itemized list that will indicate who has committed a record, when, and for whom. 

It is possible to have a discrepancy of paper protocols vs licenses. This can be attributed to committing multiple records on an examinee. 

When scoring the WJ IV, the platform will provide you with a warning message if you are adding a potentially duplicate record: 

Users are shown a pop-up designed to prevent double-committing if they attempt to assign a Test Record form to an examinee that already has an active Test Record from the same WJ IV battery:

Users are encouraged to select Yes, which takes you to the existing record form, so you can update it. Updating a pre-existing record form, rather than creating a new one, prevents double-committing.