Role: District Administrator, Administrator

Note: Administrators may only move staff from locations they have access to. If an administrator does not have access to a location, they will not be able to move staff there. Seek out an administrator with district access, or the Account Holder instead.


  • You need to move staff from one location to another or you need to give them access to multiple locations


Staff users can be moved from one location to another or given access to more than one location for reporting purposes. See the link for more information on editing staff.

  1. Edit Staff/User Information
  2. Once you have opened the Staff/User profile for editing go to Location 
  3. Select the location name to expand it and then select the arrows to expand the list further. 
  4. Once you locate the building and/or grade you wish to assign the user, check the radio selector next to the location and then Save


  • Contact your School or District Administrator if you need access to another location. Administrators may contact Riverside Technical Support for further assistance by calling 800.323.9540