New tests in the WJ V Tests of Achievement and Virtual Test Library:

Paragraph Reading Comprehension, Story Comprehension, and Language Expression - These tests give a deep dive into

literacy skills, decoding abilities, and language proficiency to pinpoint specific areas requiring attention

Letter-Writing Fluency and Sentence Writing Accuracy - These tests explore a student’s written communication skills at a

significantly deeper level, identifying strengths and areas for improvement to enhance overall academic performance

Number Sense, Math Problem Identification, and Magnitude Comparison - These tests help assess mathematical proficiency

and uncover potential challenges, paving the way for targeted intervention and support

Rapid Letter Naming, Rapid Phoneme Naming, Rapid Number Naming, and Rapid Quantity Naming - These tests help in

understanding reading ability and are an important indicator in dyslexia and math disorders

New tests in the WJ V Tests of Cognitive Abilities:

Matrices - A test of fluid reasoning abilities, which is less influenced by cultural and linguistic factors

Visual Working Memory - A test of visual-spatial working memory which requires the use of visual working memory in the context of processing

Sound Reversal - A test of phonetic coding (aka, phonological awareness) that requires the active manipulation and maintenance of sound

Symbol Inhibition - A test that emphasizes multiple executive cognitive control processes such as sustained attentional control, response inhibition, and efficient working memory management

Not all new tests, clusters and features will be available at launch. Some test names and features may change.