The Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (WJ IV ACH) includes three forms of the eleven tests in the Standard Battery (Forms A, B, and C). 

Purposes of multiple forms: 

In some educational settings, alternate forms are used for different purposes or are used by different examiners. 

In cases where an independent educational evaluator is contracted by a student’s parents or by a school in a disputed evaluation, use of an alternate form is preferred. 

Alternate forms are useful for repeated testing of the same individual over time to measure progress or change over time. 

By using a different, but equivalent, form for each administration, professionals can reduce dependence on any single form of the test and minimize potential overexposure to the test items. 

To review further information regarding the alternate forms of the WJ IV ACH, please see our Assessment Service Bulletin below: 

WJ IV ACH Assessment Service Bulletin Regarding Forms A, B, and C