Double committing is when two records, either identical or varied, are entered against a child in a short period of time (90 days). This can cause an imbalance of paper protocols to online licenses.

Users can view their License information by selecting Administration >Products >License Information

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Upon clicking on License Information, you will see information regarding your products. This includes scoring licenses available, records saved, and the number of records committed by test. 


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You can click on the links underneath the “Committed” column, to review the individual records committed for each test under your account. From here, you can review instances of double committing. 

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In the example above, John Mason has two separate committed record forms for the same test record type. These commissions were within one day of each other. 

This is an example of over-committing a record, where the examiner should have updated their original test record, rather than creating a new record form and committing it.