Schools and districts pay for individual subtests on an annual basis, giving examiners the choice to select any subtest, from any battery, for the same price (pending qualifications). Purchase as many or as few subtest as you like, based on your particular usage needs. Users have the option to purchase additional subtests throughout the year but will have a single subscription date, based off the first purchase date. For example, if you buy 100 subtests on January 1, and 25 more on March 1, all 125 subtests expire on December 31st of that year.

Access only the subtests you need with simple pricing per subtest. Users purchase subtest tokens for $2.50. These tokens can be used to administer subtests within any battery (as they have already purchased them). Examiners can choose exactly the subtests they would like to administer. All purchases have a $200 minimum and online training is included in the price, so all examiners can fully understand the capabilities of WJ V.

* Not including taxes

Not all new tests, clusters and features will be available at launch. Some test names and features may change.