The BDI-3 yields a Developmental Quotient (DQ) for each developmental domain and an overall BDI-3 Total DQ Score that represents the child’s development across all five developmental domains. A DQ score is a standard score that has a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.

For those looking for domain-specific Developmental Quotients (e.g., a Communication Domain score): 

To obtain a domain-specific developmental quotient score, you have to administer all subdomains that are applicable for the age of the examinee. For example, to obtain a Communication Domain Developmental Quotient, examiners must administer both the Receptive and Expressive subdomains of the BDI-3 Developmental Complete to their examinee.

For those looking for the Developmental Quotient for the BDI-3 Total Score:

To obtain the BDI-3 Developmental Complete's Total Score Developmental Quotient, examiners must administer all domains of the BDI-3 Developmental Complete.