When administering standardized tests, it is strongly encouraged that examiners adhere to the standardized administration procedures as closely as possible. 

However, there are times that an accommodation may be provided by the examiner based on their clinical judgment. Accommodations may be selected due to the examinee's presenting problems, conditions, and/or behaviors.

Examiners must use clinical judgment to determine: 

1) What accommodation(s) they intend to use. 

2) How and when to implement the accommodation(s). 

3) How the implementation of the accommodation(s) impacted standardization. 

Whenever examiners make modifications to standardized testing procedures, they must indicate on the Test Record what modifications were made. They must also indicate the modifications made in their final reports. 

As part of their final reports, examiners should include how the modifications may have impacted the validity of scores, and whether the results of the testing are considered valid in light of these modifications.

Chapter 3 of the Examiner's Manual outlines General Administration and Scoring Procedures and includes a section on general accommodations based on the population an examiner may work with.