Release Notes for Version 6.6.0: An update has been released to easyCBM that includes several updates. Corrections have been made to the following measures:

  • Grade 7 Proficient Math Winter Benchmark, question 9. This update includes new audio files for English and Spanish versions.
  • Grade 5 Proficient Reading measure 5_8, question 3.
  • Grade 3 form 2 of Basic Reading, removal of the nickname.
  • Remove Proficient Reading Measure 7_12. To provide a consistent 11 forms of Proficient Reading PM for grades 6, 7, and 8, the measure 7_12 has been removed.

An update was also made to the naming of some easyCBM measures:

Current NameNew Name
CCSS ReadingBasic Reading
MCRC ReadingProficient Reading
NCTM MathBasic Math
CCSS MathProficient Math

This is change is to the names only and was made to better reflect the content of the measures. There has been no change to the underlying measures.