We have provided guidance on how to administer the tests remotely for those unable to administer our clinical assessments face-to-face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have general guidance that you can review here: Remote Administration of the WJ IV, Bateria IV, and WMLS III on Vimeo 

We also have further guidance regarding the use of our clinical assessments remotely:

To administer the WJ IV, WMLS-III, and/or the Bateria IV remotely, the examiner will need their examiner-facing instructions in the test easel/test item book, in addition to their test record. Examinee-facing stimulus pages and the test audio recordings can be found in the resources tab of the online scoring and reporting platform. 

For examiners that want to administer tests that require response booklets, they must deliver the response booklets to the examinee in a secure manner prior to beginning administration. A stable internet connection and secure telecommunications platform also are recommended. 

For purposes of test security, the examiner-facing content in the item book is not provided via the resources tab of the scoring platform. Furthermore, scans of the examiner's test record and examinee response book also are not included in the platform for test security purposes.

Note that the reliability and validity of this mode of assessment must be considered, and administering the tests this way is based on the examiner's clinical judgment.