College and University Faculty teaching assessment courses are eligible for university training materials. These materials can be accessed by completing webforms for the following products: 



To access this content, university and college faculty must provide their identifying information, in addition to a course syllabus. Professors can use this content to support their instruction, and to support a students' learning and practice of the WJ IV and/or BDI-3. 

Faculty are allowed to share the training content with students in a protected manner so students can learn by watching them and practicing using the provided materials. The materials should only be shared to be used as part of a course, and again, must be shared in a protected manner. The faculty member must also explain to students that they themselves are not to share the materials. Sharinshould only occur from the faculty member to the student

Students should only have access to course material for the duration of the assessment course. Once the course has ended, access to the materials that were shared by the professor to the student should be restricted.