Questions Regarding Eligibility Determinations

Practitioners inquiring about how to use Riverside Insights’ assessments in the process of eligibility determinations are best supported by consulting with their special education leadership. It is strongly recommended that they work with their special education leadership to determine the changes that will be the most appropriate and applicable for their organization, based on the laws and regulations of their given locality/region/area. Note that organizational leadership would have the delegated power to enact changes to eligibility determinations.

Practitioners also are recommended to consult with special education leadership and local agencies regarding the use of scores for evaluation purposes. 

As the laws and regulations of given localities/regions/areas can vary vastly from location to location, Riverside Insights is unable to provide specific guidance related to changes/alterations that organizations should make regarding their testing procedures. Riverside Insights does provide information regarding the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the derived scores from a given assessment (e.g., what an RPI score is, what a Standard Score is, what a BDI-3 Total Score is, etc.). 

If possible, it is strongly recommended that inquiring practitioners also refer to local agencies (e.g., state associations of education and/or psychology) who will have the most familiarity with their localities laws and regulations concerning psychological and educational assessment for any questions regarding the use of specific scores for evaluation purposes, and/or for any inquiries related to their eligibility determination process.