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K-12 Frequently Asked Question Answers

Questions Like:

I need help with remote administration and other COVID-related testing guidelines.

  • What is the effect of an interruption during the middle of testing on students’ scores and how do we handle this?
  • What should we do about the administration of the CogAT® Post-Screener? What about the 30-day window?
  • What if we administered the CogAT® Screening Form this spring and cannot administer the Post-Screener until later this fall?
  • We were in the middle of testing when our school(s) closed, and our students were not able to finish the test. What should we do?
  • Will you be introducing new proctoring features to support the expansion of at-home testing programs?
  • Can we postpone our testing?
  • What does a year without scores do to our longitudinal data?
  • Can we test in the first few weeks of this school year and score as if the students were tested this Spring, rather than in the Fall? How does this affect our longitudinal data?
  • Will my online testing licenses for the Iowa Assessments™, Logramos®, and CogAT® expire this school year if I do not use them?

I need help with something else.

  • Can I change my account holder?
  • I've forgotten or lost my login credentials. What should I do? ]
  • How can I replenish test materials?
  • Help! I need a quote before I can purchase it!
  • I need a copy of your W-9.
  • I still don't see what I need. How do I contact Support?