1.    At the top of the dashboard, hover over Administration, then Examiners, and click Add. The Add Examiner Information page opens.

2.    Complete the fields of the Add Examiner Information page.

Add Examiner Information Pages

a.    Type the user's information in the First Name box, the Last Name box, and the Email box

Note: If you are adding WMLS III permissions for a user with an existing WJ IV account (WJ IV, ECAD, Bateria IV, WIIIP, and/or WMLS-R) or vice versa, you will receive the following message after entering the user's matching email address: Username already exists, do you wish to use this username? Clicking Yes will populate the Username field and create a dual account, where the user can log on with the same user name and password and then select the program they want.

b.    From the Status list, select the user's status (Active or Inactive).

Note: An administrator's or examiner's status must be Active in order for him or her to access Riverside Score.

You will also need to select your added examiner's "role" in the platform. 

You will be able to select "Examiner" or "Admin/Administrator" 

Please see what each role can do below, to help you better determine what role to assign your examiner: 

  • Examiner — Examiners can add caseload folders, examinees, and test records. They can also enter test scores and create reports. An examiner has access to his or her caseload folders and to those caseload folders that have been shared by other examiners or administrators.

  • Administrator (Admin) — Administrators have all the capabilities of an examiner. In addition, they can add examiners and review the caseload folders of all examiners in the organization.

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