How is data is collected? What type of data is collected?


During the test, Proctorio records video via the student’s webcam and, depending on the options selected for the test, may record audio and monitor screen activity, website navigation, and similar activities. The Proctorio software analyzes this information and can identify certain behaviors that may be signs of unpermitted assistance or other prohibited conduct. The software then generates a report called a gradebook for each testing session. Test data and gradebooks are made available to authorized district/school personnel (teachers).


Depending on the options selected for the test, we will collect information, including biometric information, during the test (e.g., the computer’s IP address, video and audio recordings, video of the testing environment, mouse movements and location, browser size, open browser tabs and windows, keystrokes, facial detection, the student’s eye, mouth, and head movements, the entire computer screen, websites visited during the test, identification of connected storage drives, any other applications running, and the number of display screens connected). 


The information collected during the testing process will also be used in an anonymized form (i.e., without any information identifying the student) for product development.