Riverside Insights takes the privacy of your students and staff and the protection of your assessment data very seriously. As such, our new remote proctoring tools are currently configured to limit visibility of student recordings to the Teacher role in DataManager. We believe this policy strikes the optimal balance between providing access to the videos and ensuring that only a limited group of authorized adults that know your students best have the ability to view the unique type of potentially sensitive information these recordings can provide. This policy protects both your students/families as well as your district from liability in the event of video recording misuses.If, however, your district makes the decision that video recording access to additional personnel in your district is necessary, please see our recommendations below:

  • Identify authorized individuals who you feel should be granted this special access to student recordings
  • Create accounts for these users in DataManager. Assign each of them the Teacher role. (These individuals do not need to be at a building level; a “Teacher” can also be at the district level.)
  • Please note that if your special users are already in DataManager, they will need to have different email addresses for these secondary accounts
  • At no time should logins and passwords ever be shared
  • Strive to limit access for these accounts to only the length of time needed to review recordings. These accounts can be deactivated/reactivated in DataManager as needed. Please contact us if you have questions about deactivating/reactivating accounts.

Remote proctoring is new to K12, and your feedback is very important to us. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor ongoing customer usage of remote proctoring, and industry guidance, and may revise our recording policy in the future as best practices continue to mature.