Sometimes during the course of testing your screen may freeze. This is usually attributed to a lack of available computer resources, easily recoverable in most cases.

First, make sure there are no other applications or browsers open that can interfere with testing. The programs running in the background can take up CPU and Memory resources, leaving you with a less than optimal testing environment.

Next, make sure you have a solid internet connection. Wired connections over ethernet are preferred, however, wireless internet connections have grown in popularity due to the added mobility.

Close the browser you are using to take the test. If you are using a web browser, simply close it by selecting the X on the upper right corner of the browser. Make sure you've closed all browsers and tabs before attempting to open a new browser window to log back in.

What if I am taking the test using the Secure Browser?

  • Students using the Secure Browser should close it using any one of the shortcuts for closing the Secure Browser for their computer. (See How to Close the Secure Browser On Different Compters)
  • Once you've logged out, make sure the test giver still has the correct session open and that you have the correct session code. If so, proceed to log back into the session and you'll resume where you left off. DO NOT log back into the session if the test giver is unable to resume it themselves. Please await further instructions from your test giver before proceeding.