• I'm unable to see my report results in DataManager


  • Please allow 24-48 hours before expecting report results in DataManager
  • If some results have scored but some are still missing, double-check by performing a student lookup on the Proctor Session page.  You may search for one or more students at a time and verify that all their subtests have a status of: Complete.  All three subtests in each given battery must show as: Complete before expecting report results for that battery
  • If you receive a (#) symbol rather than a score in any given battery, it indicates that the student did not answer the minimum amount of questions necessary in one or more subtest to receive a score in that battery.  You may verify a number of questions answered by students not receiving scores by adding the additional scoring option in a Student Roster report (No. Att/No. Items).  This will tell you whether they did not answer enough questions.