Remote Assessment Proctoring Solutions

Do you still need remote online testing for some students? Learn about our remote administration solutions to determine the one that's right for your testing situation. Our comprehensive guides provide everything you need to plan, implement and conduct your group assessments online, whether you are:



DataManager Remote Proctoring Portal ("DMRPP")

DMRPP allows proctors to monitor and chat with students during testing, right from within DataManager; see our brief video or this flyer for an overview of the features. DMRPP is available for use for no additional fee, but we ask if you could complete this registration form, which contains important information about student data privacy and obtaining consent from parents. DMRPP will be turned on for accounts that submit a completed form for review. We also recommend getting familiarized with the workflow and taking students through Getting Started subtests as practice before live testing.


Here are a few other important resources to assist you with getting started with DMRPP:


If you have any questions or need additional assistance, or if you have feedback on this new tool, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Virtual Remote Proctor - An Automated 'Record and Review' Remote Proctoring Solution

In addition to DMRPP, we are also pleased to offer school districts the option of our "Virtual Remote Proctor" feature. Virtual Remote Proctor provides an automated proctoring workflow where the system monitors and records students during testing, and flags the recordings for perceived test security abnormalities like navigation away from the test, or the detection of another person assisting the student. Recordings of test sessions may be reviewed by teachers for up to 6 months following testing. Virtual Remote Proctor can be added to your DataManager account for an additional fee of $5/student/test. Contact us for more information.