• I'm not able to test the CogAT Post-Screener within the 30 days of giving my students the CogAT Pre-Screener.  Will my students be ineligible?  


  • The CogAT Screening Form and Post-Screener present a special circumstance for testing interruptions.  To maintain integrity in scoring, the online Test Event dates for the Screening Form and Post-Screener must be within a 30-day window.  However, this does not mean that the testing must occur within 30 days. Testing may extend for a few weeks on either side of the Test Event date itself without affecting students’ scores.  


    The best practice is to set your Screening Form Test Event date toward the end of your screening testing window and set your Post-Screener Test Event date earlier in your Post-Screener testing window to provide the most flexibility in your testing schedule.  Additionally, setting up your Post-Screener Test Event in advance is a best practice that helps to ensure that you do not miss the 30-day window.  If you missed the 30-day window due to an unplanned testing program interruption, the DataManager Support Center can assist you with opening a Post-Screener Test Event backdated up to 60 days to ensure that your students will have the opportunity to complete testing using the Post-Screener.   


    Students’ scores on the Screening Form are based on the Screening Form Test Event date; the complete CogAT scores from the Post-Screener are based on the Post-Screener Test Event date.   Please note that a one or two month shift in the date of scoring will have a negligible impact on most students’ age scores.  Backdating your Post-Screener Test Event maintains the integrity of your Screening Form scores and will not adversely affect students’ scores on the complete CogAT.  


  • If you have any additional questions, contact your Riverside Assessment Consultant.